Places that let me write for them

I hesitate to use the word ‘featured’ because that brings to mind Clark Gable and Clark Gable is mentioned no-where in my writing (until now) and frankly (not a reference) he has nothing to do with my writing and now I’m just getting carried away. Ok, so here are other places you can find my writing that has been erm, featured. Oof. These are all original and not on the blog so you can only read them here. Yes, I’m trying to make them sound super important so you’ll read them.

Did it work?

Mamalode – The Past Vs The Present or Why I Miss You – A story of changing relationships after children, and how you can miss someone even when they’re still there. Depression – Kind of a letter to my kids regarding what I want them to remember about growing up with a mother who struggles with mental illness.

The Mighty- When my son wore bright orange headphones – So my Autistic kid wore headphones and had a kick-ass day and we were thrilled because we’d figured out a way of supporting him. Inclusion baby!

The Mighty – When parents don’t let their kids play with mine – A ranty angry piece about fear and how if you move past it, autistic people (and my kid) are just people so chill out ok?

The Mother Magazine Blog – Siblings – The story of how my Highly Suspicious Boy came to love my Velcro Baby Girl.

Elephant Journal – How to break, but never be broken – Not about parenting. About strength and weakness and being authentic.

Parent.Co – 4 Gendered Phrases to Drop From Your Parenting Lexicon – Feminist slant to parenting. The comments got interesting 😉

Parent.Co – Sex Challenge – Stay with me here! Basically Science (blame science!) says that  sex can make people happy and parents should totes have sex. So my friends and I did a 5 day sex challenge to see if it worked.